Thank You Lord is a monthly Christian newsletter created to PRAISE, HONOR, and MAGNIFY our Lord and Savior Jesus.

Rev. Kim P. Hargrove is a licensed and ordained Minister and Evangelist.   She is a graduate of The College of William and Mary, where she studied religion and received a B.A. in Sociology. On November 10, 1987, Rev. Hargrove by the out pouring of the Holy Spirit was led to write inspirational poetry. Her booklet Revelations was published in 1988. In 1994, the family moved to Korea where she grew closer to the Lord and became active in bible study and Women's Ministry.  In 1995, Rev. Hargrove joined the Christian Women's Fellowship and the Chapel's lunch time bible study. While in Korea, she wrote a collection of short stories entitled Stories of Faith.  On returning to the United States in 1996, Rev. Hargrove worshiped at Barnes Avenue Friendship Chapel, Fort Gordon, Georgia and became a member of the Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC). In 1997 she was elected Vice President-Spiritual Life of the PWOC and began to teach bible study. She also began to publish the monthly Christian newsletter, Thank You Lord.


In 1998, Rev. Hargrove moved to Alexandria, Virginia and began to worship at Gunston Chapel, Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Here she served as Parish Council Secretary, Gospel Coordinator for Gunston Chapel and Religious Education Coordinator for Fort Belvoir Protestant Services. Rev. Hargrove reorganized and restructured the Sunday School and brought two congregations together into one united, post-wide Sunday School. Rev. Hargrove served as a teacher of Wednesday Night Bible Study and as editor of the Christian newsletter A More Excellent Way for Gunston Chapel. She was also a member of the PWOC where she served as a bible study teacher and newsletter editor of Glad Tidings, the PWOC monthly publication.


From 2001-2002, Rev. Hargrove worshiped at Argonne Hills Chapel Center, Fort Meade, Maryland where she taught an adult Sunday School class. She taught and coordinated bible studies for the PWOC as the Spiritual Life Chairperson. She was a member of the Chapel's Intercessory Prayer Ministry.

From 2003 - 2007, Rev. Hargrove served as an Associate Minister in Norfolk, VA. She was the Minister of Christian Education, the Missionary Society, and the Prayer Ministry.  Rev. Hargrove was a Sunday School teacher and leader of the Noon Day Bible Study.  Rev. Hargrove also led a weekly Bible Study for the PWOC at the Norfolk Amphibious Base - Little Creek. 

Hearing the call to "go out" Rev. Hargrove founded THANK YOU LORD MINISTRIES in 2006 as an evangelistic outreach ministry. If you would like to read a sermon, click More Word! Currently, Rev. Hargrove serves as an Associate Minister at Bellamy Ave. Church of God.  She has a passion for teaching, preaching, praying the Word of God and reaching out to others.  Check out Year Review to see what the minstry is doing!

THANK YOU LORD MINISTRIES would not be possible without the help of so many faithful supporters and volunteers.  I thank my husband, my sons, my mother, the BMC, PT, my church family and friends for their endless love, help and support.  THANK YOU LORD MINISTRIES is an ALL VOLUNTEER MINISTRY.  No one is paid for their services.  All of our gifts and talents are freely given to this labor of love.  Thank you all for your support!  I love you!        RevKim


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